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Answer the question with a Yep or a Nep. When you answer with Yep, we will show your picture to the other member. If both persons answer with Yep, we will bring you together.

Alexandra (32) has found
Tom (37)

„I really like the fact that only those persons whom I have first rated as appealing can contact me.”
Sven (34) has found
Andrea (29)

„A picture is worth a thousand words. Yepnep is much more fun than filling out long questionnaires.”
Thomas (50) has found
Rita (43)

„With Yepnep I know exactly who is interested in me and who isn’t. This makes the first contact that much more relaxing.”


Yepnep offers a reliable partner search without elaborate personality tests. All contact ads and partner suggestions show a picture of the member. Each profile is checked by hand. Whether you just want to flirt, or chat, or are on the lookout for true love, Yepnep is the ideal dating platform for singles.

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